We love Scotland’s mainstream anti-mainstream community. (READ MORE)


It has no leader,

it is rarely led,

it has no constitution,

no official organised meetings,

no unified philosophy or belief system,

and on the face of it doesn’t sound like it even exists as a community.

But it does.


Something in some way, makes it a community.


Perhaps it is;

Being Sceptical, cynical, afraid, or bored, of the culture we live in.

Perhaps it is;

Being put off, disgusted, discouraged, ignored, not represented, or rejected by;

mainstream news outlets, advertising, politics, religion, Hollywood, Celebrity, Commercialism, Corporate power or control.


The mainstream at best disinterests them, and at worst repulses them.


They have been called many things throughout the years; greasers, bums, punks, hippies, metal-heads, moshers, drop-outs, misfits, rude-boys, ravers, losers, and so on.


Alternative Music and the arts bring them together in a variety of places, as they offer something that has more substance for them, or at least better reflects their life experience as someone who doesn’t fit the mainstream.

If you can relate, then read on.


We understand this community, we are a part of this community.


In our own way, with our own beliefs, we are a part of this community, we appreciate the alternative, and the counter-cultural, and we want to serve within the anti-mainstream community of Scotland through SIC Promotions.



Come and be a part of a community within a community

A community that shares

A community that cares